All Successful Endeavors Begin With A Vision

Whether a work of art, the creation of a new business, or the development of a green city, all successful endeavors begin with a vision.  A clear vision of what one hopes to accomplish is paramount for success.

In the case of urban forestry, what do we want our cities to look like?  What do we want our urban canopy to accomplish in terms of human health and wellbeing, social justice, and ecosystem services such as storm water management, air quality, and biodiversity?  How should we manage and steward our investment in urban tree canopy for maximum benefit and increase public awareness of the urban forest?

Simply put, the principle reason that a vision of success – i.e., goals – is so important is that it enables us to communicate, discuss and negotiate ideas and qualities that are otherwise intangible.  Goals make it possible to plan focused and purposeful programs.  Goals give us the chance to evaluate various approaches, and offer a standard against which success and failure can be measured and demonstrated.  Such a match between goals and plans is the core idea behind the practice of adaptive management.

We need your voice.  The essential work of the VCUF Task Force is to identify 15-year goals for urban forestry and stewardship in the United States, and then produce recommendations for policies, programs and funding mechanisms that can achieve these goals.

Help us identify the best and most ambitious goals for advancing urban forestry and stewardship in our nation’s cities and urban centers.  Please click here and spend ten minutes to lend your insights, ideas and aspirations for urban forestry – both nationally and locally.

Your input is essential in shaping the future of our nation’s urban environments.  Let your voice be heard!

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