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Greetings SUFC members!

We’re getting excited about participating in the Partners in Community Forestry Conference in Denver, Colorado this week!

As part of our strategy of building a bigger SUFC presence at the conference—and to serve as an outreach resource for members—we’ve prepared some sample tweets that you might want to use during the conference. Will you be at the Toward Breathable Cities For All session? Consider using one of our air quality tweets. Dropping by Creating Volunteers For Life? Maybe include an environmental justice post.

We’ve drafted several postings about the benefits of trees for our communities. Below they are separated out by key topic area—air quality, economic development, environmental justice, public health, urban planning, and water quality. The links all go back to fact sheets on

Please feel free to copy/paste these to your organization’s Twitter feed during the conference, or customize the content in ways that best suit your organization’s mission. We also encourage SUFC members to write your own tweets related to the critical impact of trees and include the hashtags #TreesAreTheKey and #PCFDenver.


Air Quality

Economic Development

  • Trees increase home values, which benefits homeowners and increases local tax revenues. #TreesAreTheKey #PCFDenver
  • Trees boost foot traffic in commercial areas & have been shown to increase business sales #TreesAreTheKey #PCFDenver
  • In central business districts w/a high-quality tree canopy shoppers may spend 9-12% more. #TreesAreTheKey #PCFDenver
  • Trees in NYC provide $5.60 in benefits for every dollar spent on tree planting & care. #TreesAreTheKey #PCFDenver
  • Trees decrease energy consumption in buildings by providing shade on hot days. #TreesAreTheKey #PCFDenver

Environmental Justice

Public Health

Urban Planning

  • Trees are more than aesthetically pleasing, they are critical community infrastructure. #TreesAreTheKey #PCFDenver
  • Trees & green infrastructure can improve communities’ resilience to natural disasters. #TreesAreTheKey #PCFDenver
  • Trees provide a cost-effective alternative to expensive stormwater treatment facilities. #TreesAreTheKey #PCFDenver
  • Designing green spaces like parks helps keep people healthy & strengthens community ties. #TreesAreTheKey #PCFDenver

Water Quality

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