Live-Read Radio PSAs

(Microsoft Word) (PDF)

Most radio stations run “Public Service Announcements,” or PSAs. These are unpaid announcements about events and happenings in a community. They can be used for a home_thumb_2number of purposes, but are especially useful for mobilizing volunteers or getting the word out about a community event.

Some PSAs are pre-produced, like a commercial. Many others, however, are based on “live-read” scripts that on-air personalities read during a break. We provided three sample “live-read” PSAs, based loosely around the idea of a tree planting. You should modify these PSAs to fit your needs and create new PSAs as events warrant.

While each radio station is different, generally speaking the process for placing a PSA works like this:

  1. Identify which stations you want to run the PSAs. This will be determined by who you’re trying to reach. Think about what stations your audience listens to, and focus on contacting those stations.
  2. Find out who should receive the PSA. At most radio stations, this is either the public service director or the community service director. You can generally find out who this person is by looking at the station’s website, or by calling the station. Also, many stations have online systems for submitting PSAs.
  3. Get the guidelines and follow them exactly.
  4. Follow up. Unless explicitly instructed to do otherwise, follow up with the person to whom you’ve submitted the PSA, and ask whether he or she has any questions or needs more information.

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