Sample Proclamation

(Microsoft Word) (PDF)

Any time you are conducting a tree planting, invasive species removal, outreach campaign or similar event, it can be worthwhile to get a proclamation from your mayor, county executive or other elected official. The attached proclamation can be used as a starting point. You will see where local information should be inserted, and edit this in any way to suit your needs.

While each community has a different way of doing things, generally speaking the process for getting a proclamation works like this:

  1. Leave plenty of time. Each community’s guidelines will be different, but as a rule of thumb start the process at least a month ahead  f time. (The earlier the better).
  2. Find the city or county agency responsible for issuing proclamations. For most communities, this can be done through a simple online search. You should also be able to get the information through a call to the city or county government information phone number.home_thumb_3
  3. Get the guidelines and follow them exactly. Generally speaking, proclamations are meant to celebrate, not agitate. Look at other proclamations that have been issued recently and make sure yours follows a similar format.
  4. Follow up. Unless explicitly instructed otherwise, follow up with the person or agency to which you’ve submitted the proclamation, and ask whether they have any questions or need more information. A proclamation is not only a useful tool for approaching your local government or elected official, it’s useful for developing a long-lasting relationship. Once the proclamation is signed, encourage your elected official to use your organization as a resource on issues related to urban forestry, the environment and keeping your community vibrant. It’s also appropriate to publicize the elected officials’ support and thank them through your organization’s communications channels.

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